We all suffer from the negative effects of excessive use, which issued several radiation screen. X-ray and ultraviolet and microwave wavelengths.True it’s small in severity and quantity as they say but their impact is very bad on the eye. The beginning does not have your children use the computer for more than two hours per day as recommended by who.And many of us will not implement the advice.

we guide you 12 tips keeps the look.

1. Check consider periodically, especially children from ages six years to make sure that the child does not need to eyeglasses.

2. Maintaining the lighting level in the room in the middle of them so as not to strain the eyes.

3. Be careful not to position the computer screen in front of the window so as not to reflect sunlight on the screen which leads to prolific.And if we do that, we have to put blinds or shaders on the window.

4. Avoid mirrors in the room so as not to reflect light on a computer screen because of the direct causes of eye strain.

5. It is advisable to sit on a Chair suitable for your height so that your computer screen under eye level.Computer screen above the level considered conducive to significant strain on the eyes and neck.

6.  Computer screen must be at least 15-inch..

7 Pastor to be the distance between the screen and other computer components (cables and blastocyst) around half a meter.

8. When writing on your computer you must use the painting to paper mode because if we put paper on the desk and We will quote this would move the adjustment of the eye from a distance to walk.

9. give your eyes a rest every hour for about 10 minutes for children as adults you must rest your eyes every Half an hour for a half-minute and the point in the room because the rest will give you comfort.And the ability to continue without blurring.

10. Taking into account the differences between writing and background and the non-use of dazzling colour backgrounds for the book it relaxes the eye.So preferably in writing between white and black.

11. If the child is a bespectacled reflector lenses of AMTOFKETION to prevent reflection.Light either from your computer or from any light source.

12. It is also advised to put a filter in front of the screen to prevent the reflection of light and absorbs the rays out of the screen.

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