Are you interested in balandroid? No need to purchase new hardware or go to an online store (you still are from?) to try this system. You can run Android apps and enjoy the latest copy of the system quite easily on Windows. Whether you want to experience Android before making your purchase, try the latest version of the system, or even move different applications to and from your Android, you can do all this through three apps that will speak today on this article.


BlueStacks does not provide you the full Android experience, it is just an application that run other applications on the computer. In Full-Screen works Bluestacks Mode (in this mode the application fills the screen), but you can click on Alt-Tab to use other programs while you work.

If you need more applications, you can get this easily by clicking on the icon named ‘ mobilemonitor ‘ Get More Apps (get more applications). You will need to register with Facebook Connect or calculate the Bluestacks in order to continue. Unfortunately, this page does not currently include a large number of applications.

Splendor Bluestacks appear bigger if you have basically Android device. You can install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect, available in the Android market, in order to transfer the applications from your phone to your computer and vice versa.


YouWave comes with a trial period of up to seven days, which is long enough to experience Android apps on your computer. The application comes with a normal start page and the list of applications. YouWave does not include the large number of applications, but you can get a more through the Amazon App Store and AndAppStore. Just click on View and then on the menu Online Content in order to view the available stores.

Click on their alaykonat to reinstated and will appear in the application list (YouWave). From here, you can run them to explore the vast number of Android apps is brilliant.

Official Android Emulator

Development of software package for Android for Google Android emulator come separately, but in spite of this, however, is intended for developers. You can run the latest version of Android on your computer this way, and for that, it is great to experience Android Jelly Bean.

At first, you will need to download and install SDK Manager of Google. After installation, run it and select the files for the latest version of the Android system. Press button installation and will download the SDK Manager required files and installed automatically.

Click on the Tools menu (Tools) after completing the download, select Manage AVDs, then click New to configure a new virtual machine. Select the version that you have installed, name the new virtual machine, and then click Create AVD.

You’ll see the new virtual machine in Virtual Device Manager window. Selected, press the Start button and then Launch to run the emulator. Don’t worry if it takes time.

Google’s emulator performance is certainly not better than or even equal the BlueStacks, YouWave. The emulator does not come with the Android market or any other compact stores, but you can download the application and install it from the inside.

The openness of Android enables developers to create applications such as this, and it is great. There is a similar solution if you want to run iPhone apps, iPod on Windows. However, there are some limitations that you should consider, for example, the Android store does not work in any of these applications, only one.

Remember that the Android system is not designed for a mouse. Experience the batkhadam mouse for guidance and not as do the same things through touch.

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