Health Problems Due To AC

Some Problems due to AC are given below.
1. Diseases and constant fatigue
Is your Office in mid-July, the chills? This is probably because they are too tired. Research has shown that fatigue can cause chronic headache people working in an environment where the air conditioner. Constantly pumped full of fresh air, can also work in the building, people experience breathing difficulties a constant stimulus and mucous membranes. This is a more vulnerable contractors, influenza and other diseases of the cold leaves.
2. Dry skin
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Skin moisture for a long time; Loses air conditioning means the environment if they help your skin moisturizing creams are not continuous supply, you can begin to suffer from dry skin.

3. Add the effects of his chronic diseases


Central air conditioning systems can suffer from the effects of the disease are known to increase. What is more difficult for this AC a pain management symptoms known as increased blood pressure, arthritis, neuritis, argued for the use of a central air conditioner.

4. Can’t able to deal with heat

People are getting more hot temperatures in summer are little spent a lot of time in the environment. This is mainly the quality of the outside air and the expression in a fabulous environment moving is caused by the stress on his body. Heat intolerance on average 400 during the heat wave in the summer of death, has led to an increase in the heat death.

5. Respiratory problems

AC cars in traffic on a hot day while trapped in a saving grace can be, they are bacteria and micro-organisms is the worst criminals the circulation cause respiratory problems. Louisiana State Medical Center researchers tested eight of 22 of the 25-car category. Air conditioning is also a potentially deadly infectious disease, travel air Legionairre, pneumonia, high fever-causing illness.