You may join a particular Web service has decided not to use it and leave you wondering: what will happen to my account and the data on it and maybe those gathered by the service also meant? The answer often remain on these servers to extend unlimited and may be associated with her.

Well this is disastrous, isn’t it? We are all afraid to our information and our profile if we decided to leave the use of a particular service, and that we delete our accounts and our evidences for conscientious be satisfied. The following will be discussed today in answer to an important question is: How do we separate ourselves from the Web?

There are four great tools allow you to easily have the fame and reputation and be able to do that, let’s review in the next lines.

1. Just Delete Me
This site is a directory of links to delete accounts on months of global Web services such as Amazon and blogger and BBC add to Adobe and AOL, YouTube and Yahoo and a series of other global services, and provides you with the site classification difficulty deleting your accounts from those services, where a distinction between those that are this easy step and that step on it hard.

2- AccountKiller

Another site offers you direct links to delete your account on the service, and find the various services of the world famous, such as Google and Twitter, dropbox and Skype with a series of other services, and also gives you instructions for sequel steps delete accounts easily, with instructions that make anonymous account if a service has refused to delete your account.

3- Delete Your Account

The site is very simple in design, helps you to clearly and quickly delete accounts of Web services such as Amazon and Google, Foursquare, Flickr and a long list of services that we use in our lives, it also gives you instructions to complete your account deletion.

4- Knowem

If you are on a lot of social networks and forgot that I joined to exactly this site lets you search within 550 social network on your account, simply put the username you use social networks brings you all the networks that exist and to confirm you are the networks that no longer exist to delete accounts.

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