With the launch of Microsoft’s new Windows operating system 8.1 and second generation Tablet Servas, also updated her Windows Store applications and new games that are compatible with the new system.

The store is available on the 100,000 application compatible with the new system go to many users of Windows 8 and the rest of the other versions, and in this article let us review five applications be downloaded for Windows 8.1

1. Application of Wikipedia

Application of the free world, Wikipedia offers you many new and important contents concerning various fields, in which you can pursue new research and articles that have been added to identify the contents and modern folk and those related to the geographical location of your. And show you all that content across the Metro system for Microsoft, browse content in the form of images and below each image URL content. You can download the application for free.

2. Application of the Nextgen Reader

Must and you like the new news and political and social … But if you actually follow the new Min bedkih and the best websites specializing in those areas, this application offers you already do this with for example BA atbari follower of new technology, I can insert the global technical sites on my favorites to see new content that is deployed and that’s what make me really know all the news in just minutes. The application is available in the interface gdabeh and very compatible with Windows 5.0 and you control the main interface to the application and the other properties, you can organize the feeds within your Favorites. Don’t forget that comes at the price of $ 2.99.

3. Apply Fresh Paint

For designers and illustrators, this app is the best alternative to many of the available applications on various platforms, and allows llmskhedmin mods image processor and graphics and different images to make them more professional, and gives users a lot of tools and filters marked as it comes with a variety of other features in addition to the ability to share photos with friends and to cloud storage service sky drive. The application comes with a nice interface and convenient addition to ease of handling, and you can of course use the fingers of the drawing and using its features gives your hand touch. You can download it for free.

4. application of the Box

World Travel recently to cloud storage and this is the official app for the service Box, which gives you 10 GB of free storage space, and through this application you can manage files stored where you can create different folders and rename, move, copy and paste and share the files and lets you direct lift of course photos and video, documents and other files to the service. The application interface is smart and wonderful and encouraging, show your files organized according to the order you wish them to appear and let you handle application easily, don’t forget that comes for free

5. Connect GMail application

You have an account on the Gmail service or several different accounts? Well this application is intended for users of Google mail platform, where you can browse the messages incoming and outgoing messages, and send messages to your friends, and you can use it to manage messages across delete and move and organized well. And you can also search for messages and access to other important services such as search engine Bing and Microsoft store, and comes with a very simple interface, any user can easily handled without encountering difficulties. And it comes at the price of $ 4.99.

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