hidden-facebook-tricksHere I am trying to let you to understand  some new tricks and features that you may not know about Facebook or associated with Facebook, and these may be tricks and entertainment properties and may be useful for this continued with this post.

1.Show the bass when you want to logTo make the bass present well when you want to log in to Facebook you press right mouse-click on the Enter password box and then choose inspect element, then you will unlock code box below change your password into the text and so you will see the password when you type it instead of stars.

2.Publish a blank publication

You can cross a small code you copy and then paste it in a new post to your profile on Facebook or in the new comment to you on any topic or post wesidahr your comment is empty without any content as shown in this picture

3.Deploying write upside down on Facebook and on any website you want

By accessing the website upsidedowntext, you can directly write anything you want to be his heart in the rectangle first, then it will show you write upside down on the other rectangle on the bottom and there you will find the effects to the text where you determine who sign them, and inverted copy writing that got them, and then post them wherever you want

4.Publication of a particular publication any phone you want

Nice and simple trick to publishing to Facebook with any device or any phone you want via the website suggests this trick to share with your friends without their knowledge. This has been explained in an earlier lesson

5.Download videos from Facebook without leaving Facebook

You can use some software, some sites to download videos from Facebook, but with the way described in this lesson you will now dispense with any site or program.

 6.Merge the picture anyone with write in the chat

You can show a picture of your friend or any other person through the opening parenthesis and typing inside that person’s name on Facebook and then finally close the brackets as pictured

7.Know the ID for your personal account on Facebook or anyone else’s account

To find out the ID of anyone on Facebook can be gold to your brovailh and then remove the www and you place your graph and click on enter, and so a new window will open with the ID number and other information

8.Open more than one account Facebook via Google chrome

You can open two accounts at once by just clicking right mouse click when you open your first account on the facebook as it is known in the top of the page, then choose the third reading check open link in incognito window as shown in the following picture

9.Send an encrypted message in a picture of your friend

You may have a friend on Facebook and share with you some secrets, and discuss the way to pass some of the encrypted messages, which are difficult for any one know the substance, therefore, take this lesson

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