Alternatives to PowerPoint


PowerPoint has been the main tool for years for the creation of presentations, whether it is work or school, but over the years have arisen new alternatives online which offer their services to the creation of presentation, some very dynamic others easier.

The first alternative is Prezi, a dynamic online tool, but a bit confusing, even though some of the presentations that I have observed that they were made with Prezi were very dynamic and elegant, it was made by experts or people with much knowledge of this tool, however if it is a good alternative, provided you understand how to use it.


PowTown is another alternative to PowerPoint, the difference is that once the presentation you can store it in the form of video to share it easily.

Swipe is a tool which allows you to add items that you want to use with just drag and drop them where you want to be, a very simple way to enhance presentation. is a tool with which you can create presentations not only to your computer, but that you can place them on websites. The interface is very simple, so you won’t have any problem when you create your presentations.

Haikudeck is our latest tool to create presentations, is available online, and its use is very simple. Like the rest, it offers good tools to create your presentations.

Google Docs, no doubt many have chosen this tool as its main alternative to PowerPoint, since currently Docs have much popularity among the users, since many we have been forced to create an account on Google for other tasks.

There are many other online tools to create presentations, but of all of the available, we decided to show only the 5 mentioned by its excellent quality in their presentations.


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