Become A Master In Creating PDF Through Adobe Acrobat X

Who has not consulted once a PDF file? For example, it is common to download them from the Internet or open them on a CD for information about a product, as a guide that shows step by step how to use another, or simply as document text and images.The created is that Adobe has won that ‘inception’ is one of the formats most widely spread at the time of presenting information; something that is due in large part to the ability to get the PDF reader for free from the Adobe website.

In parallel with this software, this firm sells a tool that allows the creation and modification of such files, Acrobat, which is already in its 10th version and has great new features the possibility of integrating different files inside of a PDF easily and, perhaps most importantly, is improved permanently work on a project collaboratively from different locations. ie, take advantage of Internet. So that you know in the best possible way all the possibilities and how simple that is used, in the following pages, we publish a practical which combines three different files (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) to create a document that, subsequently, we will share remote to work with it. In addition, we will use different tools to discover changes in that PDF and any kind of detail on it. Ready to be a Ā«masterĀ» the art of the PDF?

For installation, the only thing you have to do is follow the steps in the wizard, accepting all paragraphs that they appear: from the license agreement to the type of installation (by default, typical). Once formalities have been completed, the application will be installed on your hard drive. For its part, to start the program, the only thing required is to double-click on the icon named Adobe Acrobat X Pro, which is created on the desktop of the computer. The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the program’s interface. In general, does not differ much from the regular Windows environment, with a system of menus and different icons at the top through which to carry out actions quickly. We must also highlight the three direct access to the right tools, comment and share, which represent the most important sections of the program. Meanwhile, in the central part, by default, appears a wizard that gathers the most common tasks. This will be the Center to which you intend to start with all the work you carry out with the renovated Adobe Acrobat.

Select files
The first step that you have to give and that will take you to the possibilities of the new version is the merge three documents or files a final PDF. In this way, a single document will include a presentation, graphics data and a detailed explanation of what you want to achieve with what is shown above. In other words, ideal for presentations or reports, for example. To begin, click paragraph combining files into a PDF of the wizard window. A selection screen in which you must search and add files that are intended to merge will be shown. Attach content for the future PDF is drag and drop (the classic drag & drop) the files desired from its location on your hard disk to the selection window. Don’t forget to specify that the file size is medium, so you get a final PDF not excessively large. After pressing the button combine files, start the import. Depending on the content and size of the files that will work, it will take more or less. You will see the specific programmes of the three used documents are opened. The reason is that so is checked if it works correctly. Once complete, you will have the new PDF document in Adobe Acrobat interface.

Become a master of the PDF with Acrobat X

The generated PDF Edition
Although it is something that we have already seen in previous versions of Acrobat, it does not stop surprising the enormous amount of possibilities that hides this development when it comes to edit the created PDF. To open the editor, the only thing you have to do is double click with the left button of the mouse on the file that you’ve merged. Thus, will pop up a window which incorporates a toolbar with options on its right side. We stop first in the content tab. Among the possibilities that encompasses, the most useful are edit text in the document, which gives us the opportunity to write literals new or change the text of the PDF; Edit object, with which you can modify all kinds of boxes, images, and forms; Link, which enables you to bind any object to, for example, a web address; and, finally, Multimedia, which simplifies the management of the content of this type containing the PDF.
What to do now, is to use each of the tools to make the document as you wish, is the best way to learn how Acrobat works with well known technical test/failure.

Check the changes
A new tool that includes Adobe Acrobat X is the so-called Tracker. With it, you can check quickly and easily all the modifications that have made each of the users who have permission to access a shared PDF file editing.
To use it, you must open the corresponding file, and once the Acrobat interface appears, click new comment / review, and then, on track revisions. Then appears a window that explains their functions, and also a tree of options with shortcut. Typically, opt for latest updates, since there are new changes to the documents. The other two most useful possibilities are sent, showing the modifications made by oneself, e Incorporadas, comprising those made by other users. It is also possible to generate revisions shared with the rest of the PDF document’s authors from creating shared review. Similarly, from the link create a revision based on your e-mail address, we will carry out a work of verification via email (very useful to ensure the access of users who do not have Internet connection on an ongoing basis).

The file is sent
The last noteworthy option that Acrobat X offers is the possibility to use the service online from Adobe for sending files. SendNow Online allows you to send directly, and without using email, a PDF document so people you specify can download it. To use it, you must use a user of Adobe, something that is free and can be done from the link log, which under share. To start up his performance, click on the share button and select the option send files. Mark, if isn’t it already, use Adobe SendNow Online. At the bottom there is a checkbox called for. In it, you must write the mail addresses of the recipients of your PDF. Once this is done, each of them will receive an e-mail with the link from which they can download the file.

Main news
The X version of the Adobe Acrobat family has been designed to optimize the creation, management and sharing of documents with a focus on increasing the productivity, ease of use, the data security and the use of Internet.
Among its numerous innovations, as you can see in these pages, is the concept of PDF portfolio, which allows the user to group different types of documents into a single dynamic PDF (whether other PDF, images, files of Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and customize it to your liking.We also have the innovative tool actions, which, similar to macros in Word, has been devised to accelerate productivity by gathering under one-touch execution of a series of steps. For example, we could, with a single click, reduce the size of a document composed of multiple images to distribute it or clean any PDF portfolio that would make public confidential information. Finally, a third notable feature is the simplification of the interface, orientation to tasks and being configurable by simply “drag and drop” functions to the toolbar.

Other interesting details are the integration with SharePoint, the improvements in the layer of recognition applied to scanned documents and export to Word and Excel, the total compatibility with Office 2010, the standards of compatibility and PDF support,

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