Clean and Optimize Your Computer

The setbacks faced by an operating system to which we submit not to sessions of maintenance on a regular basis are substantial. Temporary files that occupy disk space unnecessarily, the outdated drivers and fragmented drives are other problems that all of us who use computers we encounter on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are plenty of free apps able to solve them. Let’s do a review of some of the essential and more efficient.

Deletes temporary files
Sometimes, the operating system and the applications you have installed are not right to delete the temporary files when they cease to be useful. Frequently these files are not only generated as a result of the operations of Windows itself, but also for Internet browsing and when anomalous, as crashes the system and facilities or failed uninstall situations occur. Fortunately, CCleaner allows us to delete information that is no longer required. To do this, install and running the application and cleaner section. As you will have opportunity to see, the Windows tab gives you the option of deleting data from the file manager, the browser of Microsoft and other specific areas of the operating system.

On the other hand, tool that detects, in addition, the redundant information of a large number of applications from third parties, such as Microsoft Office 2007 or Nero Burning ROM 9. Click on programs and they will show them that you have installed. Then, use the mouse pointer to enable or disable the boxes of each one of them and check them in search of temporary files that we want to do without. Keep in mind that it is possible that there is information that you want to keep. Thus, values if you want to keep the records, data of completion or the contents of your Recycle Bin, and activates only the boxes of the items you wish to clean. To complete the test press the analyze button. Screen displays the results of the operation and the disk space that you can recover. If you agree, click on run cleaner. After your confirmation the cleaning process will be conducted.

It cleans the registry
Installation and uninstallation of applications usually has as a consequence that, in the Windows registry, invalid entries which cause a decrease in the performance of the system will accumulate gradually. Thus, this area regularly clean using CCleaner. In this case you must Access the registration section. Once there, it activates all checkboxes on the left panel and press the button search problems. Shown in the central area of the program’s interface, allowing you to select or unmark them through their corresponding box. After pointing out all the entries that you want to clean, click Fix selected button. At this point, make sure you make a backup copy of the registry using the dialog box that opens. Thus, if unwanted effects occur, always you can restore the previous version and undo the changes.

Delete restore points
The recovery of the former States of the same system is one of the most interesting features of Windows, but we cannot forget that every restore point occupies disk space. Consequently, it retains only those who deem fundamental and deletes others, since it is very likely that they compendien information that you will never use.
To do this, access the Tools section of CCleaner and click on system restore. Retains two or three corresponding to a period in which Windows worked perfectly and hold down the Ctrl key while said others with the mouse. Then, press the Remove button.

Refine the startup with Autoruns
The CCleaner home section allows you to activate and deactivate at will the services and applications that are run every time you start Windows. However, Microsoft TechNet offers you Autoruns, a free utility that not even require installation and resulting more efficient still. Thanks to it you can dispense with all programs and services that do not interest you, and so that they impact negatively on the performance of your computer. After you download it, unzip it to a folder and run it. Then make a backup of the current state of your computer by displaying the menu File and running the Save command. If you later need to undo the changes, open the previously stored file using the Open command.

At this point, use the tabs on the upper area of the interface of Autoruns to examine each of the areas of the system and rule out the superfluous software and the services. Much of it will be located in WinLogon, Boot Execute and Logon. The Scheduled Tasks tab allows you to manage scheduled tasks; in Codecs do without the burden of certain audio and video encoders, and so on. Guide you through the icon that is displayed next to each entry, by its description and the field Image Path to get an idea of the files correspond to which application and where. If these data are you insufficient, click with the right button of the mouse on a particular entry and choose the option to Search Online. The tool will search the network for additional information that will help you make a decision. To temporarily disable an entry, uncheck its checkbox. And, if you want to remove it, run, finally, the Delete command.

Uninstall effectively and cares for your drivers

Revo Uninstaller
While CCleaner also implements a module for uninstalling applications that extends the functionalities offered by Windows, Revo Uninstaller freeware version is preferable, because it makes two accessory scans passes ensure that the cleaning is complete. After adding the software to your computer, click with the right button of the mouse on the program that you want to delete and run the uninstall command. The wizard will create a restore point and the normal uninstall process will begin. Once complete, will begin additional operations. The first will search the registry remains that may have left the system application. While it is convenient for you to check that you are not removing information to be used by other programs, in the vast majority of cases you can simply press the button select all. Then, click Delete. A dialog box will ask confirmation. Granted it.

Optimize equipment 5
When you click Next will begin a second operation that will search your hard drive files and disposable directories related to the application. Examine them carefully, although in many cases you just press Select all again and clear so that all traces of the software disappear without a trace. If any of the files is locked and cannot be removed at this time, Revo Uninstaller will take note and delete it the next time you start the computer.
Keep in mind, finally, that although software is mainly offered as uninstaller offers also other options, as the managing boot services or delete the temporary files. You can access them by clicking on the tool icon.

Backups with Driver Max
If your operating system is damaged to the point that you’re forced to reinstall and do not have the necessary drivers, the process may become difficult and frustrating. Thanks to Driver Max can support everyone who uses your computer to restore it later if necessary. Download and install the application. The first time you run it all the drivers of your computer will be scanned. Patiently waiting to complete the process. Then, enter the section Driver backup and restore and select Backup drivers. On screen, a list of controllers will be presented. Click Select all, and then click Next.

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Already it will be you only define the destination folder on the next step for drivers tipping on your hard drive. Each of them will be located in a properly labeled folder, so that later you’ll find it easy to identify its contents. As an alternative the option to save all the drivers that are compressed into a file. zip.

Update drivers
Keep your drivers up to date will help to maximize the performance of your computer and prevent problems. On the other hand, if one of your devices is not correctly identified, and you don’t know its details find drivers for it can become a long and complex task. Driver Max databases include more than one million and half of drivers for around four hundred thousand devices, making it a very complete source for updates and searches. To update a driver, access the Driver section downloads and info and click Check online for driver updates. The wizard will be launched and will ask that you create a free account on the service.

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Once you’ve given high, software carry out the corresponding analysis and displayed in your web browser a list with all the devices on your computer whose drivers are outdated. Click the icon for the floppy that is displayed next to each one of them to add it to the list of downloads. Once the file with extension dmx-info finished lower, instructs your browser to open it with Driver Max, or well double-click on it. The new version of the driver is added to the queue Download and upload queue. Once the download is complete, will be displayed in the Drivers section already downloaded. At this point, select it and click the Install drivers. It gives your confirmation in the following window and the installation will start. Then you will have to restart the computer. If finalized once the process occur undesired consequences, use the Restore button drivers from backup to revert the changes. Repeat the process for the rest of the drivers to update them all. Program also offers you the option of identifying unknown using the Identify button devices unknown hardware.

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