Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy:With the help of soft silicone pox creates a vacuum that sucks up the skin. Cup it is moved over the area or the areas that are congested & have circulatory disturbances. This increases blood circulation in the skin, connective tissue cells reduces muscle tension & which & softens the connective tissue. The body’s internal affected & clears the body from waste products, activates lymphatic circulation & immune system. The production of certain hormones increases the release of endorphins & oxytocin, which leads to a general relaxing, soothing & well-being feeling. Think of it as a preventive wellness treatment!
Cupping have essentially the same effect on the body as classical massage & combining these technologies provide a more in-depth treatment, especially by poor circulation.

Good for you for example have cold hands & feet, feeling stiff & tense, stressed, anxious, difficulty with concentration, maybe to sleep, relax, heavily breathing/asthma, suffer from tension headaches, muscle soreness, muscle cramps, tension at the pain, joint problems & scars after injuries in the muscle tissue. Can help relieve pain, fibromyalgia & at, & rheumatism.


The benefits of cupping Therapy are

  • Increases blood-lymph tissue fluid & movements,
  • Warming effect, gets blood circulation, relaxing
  • Immune system & digestive activated
  • Treat Migrane
  • Treat Varicose veins.