Detect Hidden Surveilance Camera’s With Smartphone

Now a days hidden camers are trouble makers in all extend.Peoples are afraid of such actiivities which break privcy of evey individual.Many of the peoples even lost their life because of such hidden vedio recording and image capuring activities.In evey aspect it should be prevente.Their are many wasy to prevent such bad attempts.Let see how to detect hidden surveilance cameras with help of a smart phone.

Stays in hotels and other place rather than other places may remains chances to be get cheated with the presence of hidden cameras.Their are chances to hide such cameras inusb hibs,clocks,smoke detectors,wireless chargers etc.Let see how to prevent this issue.This would be possible to detect hidden surveilance cameras with help of smartphone even if they are on IOS and android platform.Let see how to make it posssible.

Scannig for netwoked cameras.
Most of the areas customers saying would get access to t local network in the area.This woulf become an advantage to prevent cheated of cameras by help of an application which is called fing.This application is availble in both IOS and android platform.Advantage of this aplication is free of cost and absence of advertisements.Application may ask for signing in.But it is not necessary to sign in for scanning cameras.

Primary thing to do is make device free from other all other networks and devices which is runnig fing except local network.Conect the smarphone to local network and run fing.Tap on the refrersh button which is over the top right of the application and agrre permissions about location in android phones.This step is automatic in IOS.Wait untill the application finish scanning.Jsut make a look over the list of devices connected in local network.Lets check for name of main camera manufacturers or IP cameras.If no cameras where spotted on the list take number of devces connected which is listed and just check over the area for devices.If something standed unusally take the ip adress of it.Then scan for ports which is open.If something found un usual tap over “NETWORK” button which is in down end of the application>then tap “find open ports”Type IP adress that took earlier.and then click over “find open ports” which is blue in colour.

This will helps to show number of ports and which all ports are using,about free ports and their purposes.Observe carefully for RTSP and RTMP.These are common vedio streaming ways.Try to connect browser with anything with http or https which will reveal vedio streaming.Tyoe IP adress in the browser which followed by port,colon(ie

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