Google Live Transcribe,Innovative Application For Hearing Disability

Technology giant google always makes people embarrassed with their new innovative products like application as well as gadgets.The main merit of this company is releasing their products according to the need of market.In addition to that they always try to satisfy users in every view from user friendly to perfection of their product.

Now google has came with a new fantastic application for people having disability in hearing.This product from google will helps to talk with people having the hearing impairment.Moreover it is quiet easy to use and understandable to people having such problems.Even this product is on test mode it is very useful in such disabled peoples.Application automatically detects what is speaking what convert to text and needfull can read that from the application.

This application is available in google play store which is less in size,easy to use and free in usage also.After downloading the application just open the application their come the window which show an icon of mike.It will recognize what is speaking and convert to text at the very fast moment.People wants having the problem of hearing can easily read what was said.

It is confirmed that this application is gonna make the tech word thrilled and appreciable for such an innovative idea which helps differently abled people.Google Transcribe is gonna viral in every corner of the tech world after test.It would be a great thing of that application could help such people.Lets go and rush to google play store for downloading the application. and feel the perfection of this application.

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