How Headsets Damages Ear And Hearing

Head sets and ear buds are good deals for music lovers to make their world more superb.Discussion about harmfullness of the both head sets and earbuds has been very little now a days.Protecton of ear as well as hearing ability is very important.Lets go through the measures to do the same.

Thrashold Of Sound Which Makes Hearing Damage.
Most of the health proffesionals agrees that the limit in at which hearing ability damage starts is 85db.Hearing loss and tinnitus may can occur in prolonged expossure at the limit or abouve the thrashold.Continous exposure over 85db will increase that limit,which is also a problemaic thing.Hearing tolerance will get decreased when volume get increased.Majority of doctors says that using head sets at 85db till 8 hours is not a great problematic deal.But more than that time limit will get starting problems.That means ears can’t handle 90db or 100db for 8 hours.

After 85db
Music device and head phones will identify how much music can get loud.But most of the modern devices which is even phones,amplifiers and headsets can pass the thrashold verry easily.Some of the headsets can pass the limit till 110-120 also.Such ranges cannot be affordable for ears even more than a minute.Further leads to damage of ear and hearing sense.

How to check db level of headsets
Accurate measuring of db level in a headset is difficult.db measuring equipments are mainly builted and configured to find out volume level of the environment like programme halls, restuarants and parties.So getting the accurate measurment from a headset is somewhat not possible.It can only give reading which is semi accurate.This db checking is also possible with some applications like sound meter or sound analyser.But it is less reliable than semi accurate db meters.Primary thing which can do to protect ears from such issues is dont rise the limit of sound.Use it an moderate ways.

Just limit volume is the best solution.Re-check the sound and its suffuciency, use according to it may can revent this issue to a great extend.Always try to find the comfort level of sound which is less than the thrashold.Changing the comfort sone to lower limit is tha best ways to prevent ear damage.Most of the music applications have voice normalisation settings.Try to use it.That can also prevent issues related to over noise.

Try the quality of sound rather than its loudness can be also good measure.Most are using loud because of anticipating every details in it.USe a quality device rather than making it louder.Standard devoces can give quality sound than quantity.

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