How to choose a smartphone

Not always choose a smartphone is an easy task, since we can find smartphones from a large number of manufacturers, although not all are very popular, all different somehow and all with their advantages and disadvantages.

Most people when they go to choose a smartphone first thing and only thing they see is the brand and the size of the screen. Don’t mind the features, you can buy a smartphone that has a good brand at an expensive price instead of one less popular but with better characteristics.

The most important aspect of a smartphone is the processor, it is what gives life to these devices and thanks to which can work, but many people do not know what is this and do not take it into account when choosing a smartphone, even in many establishments this information does not show it in your ads.

Sellers are clear that what people, the brand, the screen and the camera, is for this reason that only display this information, but if you must seek to know how to choose a smartphone.

The first as already mentioned it is the processor, currently a smartphone with one less than 1 GHz processor is not worthwhile, another important aspect is the RAM, which should be 1 GB. The operating system must be a new version, Android is updated very often and every time it does so there is less applications that work with old versions.

A camera with many megapixels does not mean to take good pictures, the technology behind the camera also matter, and each manufacturer has its own technology, this means that they are not all equal.

It is important to compare aspects of the different models available before choosing, there much, but to help us we have to do is to go getting those who are outside our budget, then choose which they like us and compare features and price, the brand doesn’t matter much or the screen, including a big screen can mean less battery life.

Many people like to boast about their brand smartphones, but that mark is used when the smartphone n can run applications, binds much or battery hard n anything, so think.

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