Parallels company remote control tool for Windows and Mac systems that enable the user to connect to a personal computer and control it via iPad application.This program is covered by many newspapers and sites like the New York Times, as he was tested by CNET.

The only flaw in this application is that its price is up to $ 79.99 per year per computer. This price is too high, even if you have only one device. Fortunately, there are other alternatives like tatik experience at a lower price. In fact, no need to pay $ 1 with these methods. One of these methods apply TeamViewer. This application is not available for the iPad, but it is also available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8. On the side of the computer, the software comes with support for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Let’s see now how to control your computer through your mobile device, without paying any money.

Download and install TeamViewer on your computer. You’ll find that there are three options for installation:

Install : this check will be installation with full options.

Install To Control The Computer Remotely Later : this option enables you to connect to your computer with a wireless without having to use any codes.

Run Only : this option enables you to use the software without installation on your computer. This option is ideal if you want to run the TeamViewer via memory stick, for example, or a mobile.

Regardless of the type of installation you choose, you must choose a Personal/Non-Commercial Use) personal use and not commercial (at the bottom of screen installation.

Now, installing TeamViewer on your mobile device. Run the application, and then enter the ID number which will appear on your computer, in addition to your password. If you choose the second option in the installation, you will need to enter the ID number.

Once you are connected you will see your desktop on your mobile device. Things may look a little different from your primary desktop, and, as a result of changing the resolution due to the wireless connection, but anyway, and in return, you’ll get the ability to control your PC via the touch screen of your mobile device.

TeamViewer will not prevent your software applications to Access application like Parallels, but it at least gives you the ability to control your PC via your mobile device.

You can download it from here.

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