How to delete information from your android phone

When a person wants to delete information from a mobile phone, you can use the restore option that will remove the information, but this option isn’t exactly the most appropriate, since the information retrievable.

Avast launched a test to verify if the information of a mobile phone could be recovered once this was removed with the option that comes on your mobile. But in doing so they discovered that information could be recovered.

Company buy mobile 20 eBay and was able to recover 40,000 photos, 750 posts and message and more than 250 contacts, showing that the information could be remember once it was deleted with the restore option.

Avast offers a system of data removal, perhaps by this is that they decided to take this study, enabling you to demonstrate that your service is necessary, but there are other ways to be able to permanently delete information from a mobile phone. To do this we have to do is encrypt our mobile, for this must go to the settings section and then select the option to encrypt mobile.

Once the mobile encrypts, we delete this information through the restore option and even if the information was not deleted completely, will require a key to be able to des-encrypt the information.

You can that many still do not feel safe, for this reason after you restore the mobile, will we create contacts but with false information, we will also raise a large number of false photographs, then again to restore the mobile, thus the only information that can be recovered will be the false, there will be information encrypted and it is likely that you people that try to recover deleted information comply with what already obtainedwithout knowing that it is false that information.

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