The Apple store has thousands of applications, which serve many different areas of life, but always remains a distinct set of applications occupy the top and capture the satisfaction of millions of users. Through this article we will give you a diverse set of applications which we consider indispensable to any iPhone user, and inevitably will change these applications much the way your interaction with your business and organize your time better.

One of the best Task Manager for iPhone. The program offers you a simple way to organize your tasks and systematic classification. You can divide your tasks into projects or many other classifications and supports adding the meta tag for easy searching. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac machines. The new design is compatible with iOS7 coming soon to the app as the official site.

Download: iPhone – iPad – hardware Mac

Calendar 5
There are many applications available on the Apple store calendar such as the famous Fantastical calendar which was our preferred until the appearance of this new app, which provided an interface compatible with iOS7 as well as many features that were only available in Fantastical like converting text to date immediately was to write: “Meeting with Khaled at Burj Khalifa Tomorrow 2: 00pm” and the application will convert the text to a date in the calendar. The application provides a way to view the appointments with the menu system was excellent, the view interface is compatible with Google Calendar and calendars on your computer with Apple-supplied standard Reminders.

Download: iPhone and iPad

Now this is the most famous application to write and manage notes, could in a short period to become the best in the business not only on the iOS platform on Android platforms, and even the Mac. The application provides the ability to write notes and save and sync it to your online account for you to access at any time and from any device. The new version included a new design in full accordance with the new iOS7. The application lets you categorize your notes and arrange them and add the meta tag with easy, as well as coordination of comments and add photos of the basics in this application.

Download: for the iPhone and iPad – for Mac

Could apply the mailbox to change from the traditional way of dealing with emails, and perhaps a few applications have been acquired before the official launch (application acquisition it from DropBox). The application idea that started a lot of other applications in their application depend on the inbox empty Inbox messages, read the message and respond to them and then archive them, or put them on lists for follow-up later, or request the application and return to the hidden mailbox at a later time or at the time you specify. This application currently works with Gmail and Gmail accounts GoogleApps.

Download: iPhone – iPad devices

Day One
Writing diaries and notes has been and will continue to be a hobby that will not vanish over time, may possibly develop methods with the proliferation of smart phones as it is now. The Apple store is full of similar applications that perform this function, but this app is the best in terms of simplicity and organization. The application is also available on the Mac and provides synchronization between different devices, and also provides a password to protect your data.

Download: iPhone and iPad version –Mac version

Lemon Wallet
Keep all credit card data and your driving licence in your phone! You will not need each time to take out your credit card to use during online purchase or fill out forms that require your card data, the application offers the possibility to export the data to a Passbook. The application part of the Lemon that seek to integrate with various shops and payment locations to provide you with a secure payment method.

Download: for the iPhone

This application lets you record and save all your expenses and monthly budget regularly, schedule regular payments as bills, rents and other payments, and provides you with the ability to make detailed reports of your spending and monthly expenditure. The program supports the registration of more than one account, a bank account, credit card account and cash account. There is also a version for Macs, and soon the new version compatible with the design of the new iOS7 will be available for download.

Download: iPhone – iPad – Mac 

The most common application for fans to follow the news. Whether you are interested in technology news or fashion or politics or sports or music, the application gives you multiple sources for all your interests, and provides the ability to create your own categories or journals, add news and may enjoy your lists with rebounds. The application was one of the first applications that made browsing and navigation using the drawing fingers.

Download: iPhone-iPad

March hobbies useful regularly! Swimming, sports, reading and even drinking water. The program provides you with the alert when certain hobby, you also keep track of your hobby and how many times has the hobby, you can share the other users in the same hobby and comment and write notes.

Download: iPhone, phones

Keep all your passwords in one place. Whether passwords for social networking sites, numbers machine withdrawals, or even other confidential numbers, this is the app for you. The application provides the conservation and classification to generate complex passwords. It also provides you with a built-in Internet browser access to your favorite sites without trace. The program is available on the Mac platform and Windows as well.

Download: iPhone – for Mac

The shopping list is one of the requirements is indispensable today. Among the many applications that provide this service, we chose this application specifically for ease and extra features. For example, you can make multiple lists, you can add the price of each product to know the cost of market demands that you send you your wife. You can also share shopping lists between you and your spouse by mail, once you receive the mail you can open the list automatically by the program.

Download: free version for the iPhonefull version for iPhone

When you choose the image editing application on the iPhone, it sounds complex heavy applications that perform this function. But like Aviary it remains the most memorable with multiple image editing tools and filters and tools to change the colors and add multiple effects. Some tools driven but too many effects available for free.

Download: iPhone-iPad devices

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