Maintenance your garden with better tips

lotus-flowers-wallpaper-hd-25Plants for landscaping his balcony
Each balcony is unique by its orientation, its environment or its sunshine. It is therefore difficult to generalize. However, shrubs, rather persistent, which some will bloom and others give berries or present pretty leaves, will permit to develop the best balcony.You can also opt for season flowers and aromatic plants. With strong sunlight, will be selected for example the eyelet of the sands or miniature roses. In the shadow, it will opt for geraniums.

The development of its balcony
To properly develop its balcony, it is recommended to position the most resistant plants by the railings raising them if necessary with stools. They protect then the most fragile plants from bad weather. Another tip: choose rather clear pots. These will first be more to the planters and then efficiently reflect light. Attention also to attach them to avoid accidents.


Development of original balcony
Climbing plants to develop her balcony in a slightly original way. It is also possible to provide lighting and play with accessories.

What is a rock garden?
A rock garden is composed of small flowers planted in the middle of large boulders in the image of the mountain landscapes.

Where to build a rock garden?
To build a rock garden worthy of the name, you must choose a sloping site. It must remind the slopes of the mountains on which nature has, first, created this type of landscape.

The construction of a rock garden
Build a rock garden is not easy. To get the best result, it is advisable to begin by preparing the Earth by adding, if necessary, a bit of compost. Then we place the larger stones in an irregular manner. There is then a bit at random, the accompanying stones which will be of different sizes. Then comes the turn of plants such as Juniper, dwarf pine, Bell flower. For still more successful layout of Rockery garden, do not hesitate to add a water point.

Maintain a Rockery garden
Weeding and watering by hand are essential to the good health of a rockery. The fight against slugs and the elimination of too important plants are, to them, best practices.