Online Application Available For Correction Of SSLC Certificate

According to India, we all know that SSLC is the most important qualification and moreover a valid identity proof of yours. SSLC otherwise Senior Secondary Leaving Certificate is actually a 10th pass certificate which stands the primary qualification for your future studies or any other verification process. And so there might cause issues if there is any correction in your SSLC certificate. Majority of people think that it is impossible to re correct the SSLC certificate once if got mistaken by printing or the information you have given.

One of the weird fact is that most of the people do look after the correction when at a need with the SSLC certificate. In which overall, they find negative approach in achieving in what they are supposed to when at need of SSLC certificate. Since there are many applications that do are available in the android market and lots of people have downloaded and installed those apps which provides certificates online and mainly SSLC. As a mere information, we can say that those apps do not provide right information’s other than ads like those are fake apps. Certificates are only issued by the specified educational departments and is only provided if requested at the required section.

And now we can get to the matter we are gonna talk about and it is that how can we correct our own SSLC certificate if there is any mistake on your certificate. However the most usual mistake that is occurred in most of one’s SSLC certificate is the correction of date of birth. The fact is that people of Kerala gives the date of birth at school according to Malayalam months in which it cause mistake when calculated with English calendar. The next issue is the correction in spelling of the name of student or his parents. Though if such problems exists, we should submit a valid identity proof to correct such as birth certificate.

The government of Kerala has provided the opportunity for correction of mistakes in your SSLC certificate through their online portal. Now a days, those mistakes and mismatch information’s in your SSLC certificates are found out by passport seva authorities when you are applying for a passport in India. According the rule, all details regarding your’s must be correct and accurate for issuing a passport for you. And so as a basic identity proof and the qualification of your’s is the SSLC certificate and the details in it should be correct and matched with your birth certificate first and with all other verification proof’s.

With the best technology ever established in this world we can say that there is an option to re correct your certificate with no difficulties or issues. What you need as a primary factor for the correction of your SSLC certificate is an original copy of your birth certificate which could relate you with the right information. Kerala government has now permitted an online application instead of direct application at the Pareekshabhavan, Trivandrum. And so you can download the offline application at their website portal. For further procedures for your correction, you should pay some fees and that could be preferred to paid through challan at the respective state bank they insist. You can download the application from the link provided here. Download Your Application

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