Recording Vedios Is Just Primary,WIFI Cameras Can Do More


Primay functions focused on wifi camera is recording vedio.Apart from this wifi cameras can do more in now a days.Modern wifi cameras are devices which explore wide range of functions as well as with recording vedio.So it is important to focus along with vedio quality and also on such features also while purchasing a wifi camera.Let see what all functions does a wifi camera can do.

Talk On Both Side.


Most of the wifi cameras now availabale in market have this feature.Using this Feature you can function these device as a walkie talkies.Your smart phone on one side and camera on the other side.This would be possible through an accompanying software in the phone.This may can ensure safety while talking to stranger in the door step.Also it can fucntion as an advanced mode of door bell.

Recognition Of Face

Some of cameras can function by detecting object,people and pets.Even not all cameras can do this it is also a great function.Even their are some biases in this function,cameras can identify things and can inform what it is.Probablity of fucntion is questionable but this is a versatile fucntion which will develope in future.

Voice Assistant

This is a rare feature in wifi cameras.But it is possible to make WIFI cameras as a voice assistant also.Like with devices such as Nest Cam IQ and Google Home Mini.These devices will accompany cameras in voice assistant.Assembling these devices is not a big deal and it is cheap also.


Assmbling cameras with some devices can fucntion in this mode.Best example for this is Arlo Pro System.By help of such accompanying devices cameras can detect any type of motions and can start alarmig.This is more helpful in Cameras using for high security purpose .

These all are the main versatile and advanced fuctions which can done through WIFI camera other than vedio recording.This would make change in perception of customers whilw buying a camera.Modern Wifi cameras can do many fucntions like this as wll as with vedio recording.


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