Samsung Galaxy S6 Helps Samsung Smart Phones To Reborn

Rather than the utilitarian device of plastic that was every Galaxy S in the past, the electronic giant presents both sides of your phone flag in glass and aluminum alloy. Samsung even outdoes itself with a curved screen, Galaxy S6 Edge Variant. The two phones flag come to vein in worldwide as of April 10.

The Galaxy S6 leaves behind much of the DNA of the S5 Galaxy. Perhaps even more amazing is that this change of materials is the decision to use a non-removable battery and eliminate the slot for a microSD card no doubt decisions based on thinness. These omissions are common in the field of smartphones, but Samsung hasbeen a staunch defender of both the removable battery and the slot for cards, so far.It is a decision that also makes a difference in terms of power. The ticket of the S6 ran faster than the S5’s last year in a single charge.

In many ways, Samsung it had no choice but to adopt the slender metal chassis and a simple 5.0 Android variant Lollipop, to silence complaints from customers about the plastic construction of the S5 Galaxy (and the S4 and S3), at the same time that was preparing to battle it out against amazing gains iPhone and an army of rivals decent low-cost of Lenovo Xiaomi and Huawei.

Fortunately for Samsung, the S6 is good enough to attract users who had long passed, while it exceeds the HTC One M9, all-metal, with additional functions, battery life and quality of the camera into the fold. On top of all that, the Samsung S6 follows the example of the Apple mobile payment system with Samsung Pay, and risks with your processor Exynos, solid and homemade (unlike the 810 Snapdragon from Qualcomm that uses most of its Android rivals). The S6 also has support for Wireless charging system and compatibility with a new version of virtual reality accessory Gear VR, two features that you won’t find on any iPhone.

Do enough in terms of style and specifications have new phone to reverse the weak sales of smartphones from Samsung? Without a doubt. Samsung continues todevelop the strengths of your camera while it offers interesting extras that have noother Android rivals. The only real danger is that fans of the removable battery andmicroSD cards to punish Samsung going with other manufacturers that do toimplement them. But Samsung hardware is able to deal with the iPhone since a longtime ago, and finally its physical design can also be measured.

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