The new rule in  Saudi Arabia where they say that Skype and Whatsapp and Viber will prevent them from working places or offices. The sudden decision to block chat programs months around the world operate within the territory of Saudi Arabia came after the three companies refused to disclose the talks programme users in Saudi Arabia which is a flagrant violation of human rights in General.

Saudi Telecom companies such as STC is trying to find a way out with social networking software companies continue to work in Saudi Arabia, but it appears that owners and managers contact software companies all refuse to bow to threats by the Government of the Kingdom,

The Saudi Government similar to its conduct in 2010 when it shut down BlackBerry services is putting pressure on RIM previously — BlackBerry currently-to detect secret talks users through BlackBerry Messenger.

After all those rumors no one knows what future in Saudi territory, can continue to further repression against its citizens in their use of the Internet.


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