Some ayurvedic medicines

Some ayurvedic quick medicines
Here we are discussing about some medicines that are we can use in home making at fast.We all are disturbing about some problems.At that time you can use the medicine or you can make the medicine in our homes at easily.The natural medicines are very good for health and its very fast to relief from the problems. We do not know some tricks to get good smell in our body we can not get any in medical shops.
We can easily medicines for any pains or head ache , cholesterol , sleepless, bad fats ,beauty ,pimples in face ,teeth pain ,dryness of lips . We have most of ayurvedic medicines treatments for all problems in history we can see every one use the medical tips at home .if we get any pain or anything we will go the hospital and its more expences we do not get the better results also.

What are the medicine hoe to make 


So many medicines and how to use we can tell flowing. Here we will say more tips given below .

SMALL ONION:If you have the problems of sleepless we can eat three small onion at freshly eat at straight you get the results

Green tea and honey: If u drink the green tea mixed with honey at daily we will get healthy and our weight can reduce .

Ramacham: In the boiling water if you put the ramacham and use the water for bathing we well good smell to our body.

garlic:For the cholesterol daily for or five peace of garlic eat before or after feed.

Mint leafs ,cloves and turmeric :If we have any pains in teeth mixed the mint leafs cloves and turmeric like paste and put the pained teeth we will get the result at fast.

Lemon juice:In bathing water put the lemon juice we will get good smell to our body and we feel very cool.

Beetroot :Cut small peaces of beet root and slowly put into our lips .it will get to relief from dryness.If we use at daily we will get good color to our lips.

This things are more useful thing we can use at daily we will get the better results