The most important technology of the year

September arrives as a bittersweet month. Now it ends the summer time hated by those who live in cities with warm climates. It is time to start to work and begin to go to class. But all of us who live around the world know that it is a special month.
Special because it is the month that many companies choose to make big pitches. To make us an idea, companies such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, or even Google, could announce and launch their most important products this month. And it is even more special because in some cases there are the most important product of the year of the company, but a product that could be decisive for the future. Let’s see what are the most important releases that are coming.

iPhone 6 iPhone 6L and iWatch
Apple could be one of the protagonists of the month, and almost that can remove the conditional verb, because he’s going to be. The Cupertino company will launch three high level products this month, of which we have almost secured two of them, 6 iPhone and iPhone 6 L, which would be two new smartphones, with different sizes, which will be presented on 9 September. The iWatch is the possible smart watch that the company could announce the day of presentation of the smartphones. It is something that is still undetermined, it seems that the launch of the iWatch could stay even for the beginning of 2015. Apple has chosen the Flint Center for the presentation of these devices, and is a special place, because it is the place that chose to present the first Mac, and the first iMac.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
There were many devices we expect Samsung to present at Conference on September 3 that take place on the occasion of the 2014 IFA Berlin. But finally they will be less, because it has been presenting the majority of devices before it reaches the Conference. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be the protagonist, the new phablet of the company. But it is very likely that in the German fair also see Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Gear S, and Samsung Gear Circle, presented above, but not in any event.

Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 Tablet and Smartwatch 3
Sony will be the company that more new products will present. His press conference also will be held on September 3, and it seems that it will present two new smartphones and a new tablet, a smart watch, a smart bracelet. Sony Xperia Z3, the flagship, will be one of the smartphones, and Xperia Z3 Compact, a version of the flagship small form, will be another terminal that will be presented. Xperia Z3 Tablet is, as its name indicates, a tablet, but it is not clear if it will be a large (10-inch) tablet, or a version of a reduced format that would compete with the iPad Mini, an option that seems increasingly likely. Sony Smartwatch 3 will be another important releases, because it has not been clear if it will have Android Wear. This could be decisive if we consider that Sony is the company with more experience in the manufacture of smart watches. And finally they would also present the Sony Smartband Talk, a smart bracelet that would have microphone and Bluetooth headset, and that would make calls, always via the smartphone.

Motorola Moto X, Moto G & Moto 360
However, one of the most anticipated releases is Motorola. The American company acquired by Lenovo will four new products on 4 September, at an event held in Chicago. One of them already know, as it is the Motorola Moto 360, the intelligent round clock with Android Wear, that comes to be one of the best watches on the market. This will be added new versions of Motorola Moto X, the flagship, and the Motorola Moto G, the mid-range smartphone. And finally, we also have a Bluetooth headset to the company presented and of which we know very little. Does it have special functions related to the smart watch that will allow us to dispense with the smartphone to make calls? That is something that we will have to see.

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