Now a days very rare people will be without using mobile phones.Today in market GCM & DCM have three and four sim. In the there are INDIAN, KOREAN, CHINESE, AMERICAN etc.  Today the cost is about thousand to ten thousand and even to lakhs. We are introducing such kind of phones.

1) Stewart Hugs iPhone 4 Diamonds Rose Edition.

In the limited edition phone, in the back of the apple logo there are 53 diamonds. The speciality of the phone is there are 8 carat diamonds in the home button. The cost of this  phone  in India is 44,71,30,000.

2) Goldstricker iPhone 3 G S Supreme.

In this rich there are more than 200 diamonds and 271 gm of 22 carat pure gold. In front of home button 7.1 carat diamonds and the back there are 53 marathakam the cost this supreme phone is 17,89,10,000.

3) Peter Aloisson’s Kings iPhone.

In this 18 carat there are colour like Yellow,White and Pink made of gold. On thins phone 138 cut diamonds are surrounded on 4 sides the variety of this is that the front part is invested with 6.6 carat diamond the cost of this phone in India is Rs. 13,34,96,000.

4) Gold Wish Le Million

This model ment for luxurious people this is made of long length diamonds and gold. The cost of this phone is Rs. 7,24,39,649.

5) Diamond Cripto Smart Phone

Cripto get its publicity because of the platinum case made of 50 diamonds. In this are 8 amazing diamonds the price is Rs. 7,24,83,30.

6) Gresso Laksar las Vagas Jackpot.

Most variety of black diamonds, Decorate the outer covering made of gold and crystal key make gresso the front of millionaire the cost is Rs. 5,71,42,600.

7) Vrtu Signature Cobra.

This is a very variety phone cobra. Introduce only 8 phones still now.French jewellery group Bawchero was the inventor price 1,72,49,000.

8) Sony Ericsson Black Diamond.

For Sony the famous designer Jurine guf designed the  model technology.This phone has the latest design poli carbonate screen.The price of this model phone is Rs. 1,64,98,200.

9) Peter Aloisson’s Nokia Arte.

The surface of this phone is mode of 680 diamonds and gold and this is veriety of the lexiourious phone price Rs.74,63,800.

10) The Chairman.

Ullise nardin introduce this touch and type phone.The sides and back panel are coverd with 18 carat gold price Rs. 27,24,300.

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