It’s not already possible to take excellent shots using photo shoots. Enter Squito, a throwable camera ball capable of producing stabilized 360-degree images that could prove useful in several different fields. Throw the ball, that’s all. Shooting can be done easily.

You throw the ball and the orientation sensors capture and process images of Squito’s flight trajectory. The patent outlines that the unit’s orientation sensors snap photos and then re-orient them so as to create a normal images. These multiple images can be stabilized to allow the camera to capture frames in sequence. It uses orientation sensors to know when to take the images before stitching the multiple pictures together to create a single panoramic aerial shot.
This is the high definition camera that takes 360-degree panoramic aerial photos. Squito is capable of taking photos as well as videos. Captured media can be wirelessly transmitted to a user’s computer, tablet, or phone.

Boston-based artist and inventor Steve Hollinger has just been discovered this. The main advantage is it can easily take the photo from high altitude.

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