Many of us these days use computer pregnancies in its professional, school and recreation … But continuing to use your laptop without the maintenance and continuous monitoring will affect where the negative performance over time, slow computer, virus and system crash are problems your machine will take has not taken the necessary measures to protect and preserve it, here are some tips and suggestions need mobile device as many potential problems.

1. Clean from dust:

To ensure the continuing effectiveness of the laptop for a long time, you need to protect it from dust. The dust accumulation by largely prevents ventilation, causing a rise in temperature, convulsions have been problems and delays in the system. Llzelk is very important to keep your laptop from dust.

2. keep it cool:

Also need to be protected from excessive heat, avoid placing the device in your lap or on a bed or pillow or cover more sagacious … That would close the ventilation ports and high temperature, but keep it on a hard surface (e.g. table).

3. Install anti virus and firewall.

If used against llvairosat or the fighter does not work, you are susceptible to balvayrosat, used against free for example AVIRA or AVG free and constantly updated, used also a firewall to warn you of any attempt to penetrate your computer, in addition to this, you have to be careful about using external hard drives and Flash drives with the laptop they Poker llvairosat and harmful files.

4. Eliminate unused programs:

 Sometimes you may have some unwanted files don’t never use, it is recommended that you uninstall the device and to gain extra space, upgrade work will focus on the necessary software.

5. HDD Defragmenter and file organization (Defragment):

When there are several files on hard disk and delete some of the deleted left an empty place and this affects the speed of browsing the files on your hard drive, it is time you must Defragment hard drive to organize the scattered files, you can do so from the Windows or download this utility Disk Defrag Free to do the same job but with high efficiency.

6.Clean the registry:

Over time you might get errors at the level of the registry which negatively affects the device so it is very important to clean the registry and you can clean it with this free tool Registry Clean Expert.

7. Reduce the programs that run with the device:

When you start your laptop, it will download all the system files, as well as software chosen for work during startup. You can visit this thread useful much at this point: tips and suggestions for speeding up your computer.

8. Delete temporary Internet files:

Slow browsing speed is often caused by a poor connection to the Internet, but the accumulation of temporary files, such as Web sites stored cookies files. May have the same effect that you should always delete and clean up temporary files and browsers you can use WIPE program to do that.

9. Empty the Recycle Bin:

When files are deleted from your laptop, it ends up in the trash. This means that it is not deleted from your laptop, in fact, has been moved to a different location. And they still take up space on the hard drive. It is therefore important to dump the trash whenever possible.

Here ends the topic and I hope to be useful for you.


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