A month and a few days are left for the end of the year 2013, to show a lot of questions among fans and users of smart phones and the Tablet, and identify the best apps available for Android platform browsers and with a lot of smart phones and the Tablet and available around the world.

We know very well that this is an important question and our readers in the Arab world and beyond to identify the top 10 browsers for mobile phones, Android tablet, which has achieved major successes this year, for this we offer you this article detailed about it, hoping that everyone knows better.

1. Application of the Chrome Browser

Still applying chrome is the first in the world on the Android platform, how not? Offers crisp white interface combines simplicity and great potential, and provides quick navigation to all kinds of sites including magazines, social networks, not forgetting the wonderful potential to synchronize also favorite sites on more than one computer, and the possibility of hidden navigation. You can download it here.

2. Application of the Opera Web Browser

The browser on the mobile platforms are also available for Android, and offers lots of possibilities along with good performance in browsing speed, including the home page that includes your favorite sites and downloads page, news page which includes the contents of another site in the user’s interest, as it provides you with many management downloads at the same time so that you can control downloads by pause and resume and cancel. You can download it here.

A. application of Firefox

Firefox 3 is in third place in the Smartphone and the Tablet, how not? It is one of the best-known browsers loaded is because of the great potential offered by the users, and from a quick search on Google, and quick access to your favorite sites, with many plugins Chief has more features and capabilities that make browsing fun. You can download it here.

4. Application of UC Browser

Browsers that accelerated growth significantly recently, especially in emerging countries, the Middle East and North Africa, and comes with a great potential to make it distinctive, browsers, including the possibility of changing the General background for the application to fit each user’s Duke, and most importantly it provides fast browsing, security, and the ability to upload pages and files very quickly, with a lot of plugins that increase in performance that you can control all the Easy, don’t forget it comes with smart File Manager feature compact pages for faster browsing, you can download it here.

5. Application of Dolphin Browser

There are never heard before in this browser, but the fact that popular browsers currently available, and features wonderful along with the quick browsing, find potential jump between pages, and synchronize your favorite sites and log websites visited on more than one platform, it also provides users the ability to publish articles and pages on social networks accounts. You can download it here

6. Apply One Browser

Without a doubt it is the fast browsing and browsers display pages and move them, and with one click, users can add websites to your Favorites, and management, and access to the historical record, it also provides a feature to control the level of lighting in the skimming to maintain healthy eyes users. You can download it by clicking here

7. Application of Skyfire

This is the browser from the browsers emerging over the past few years, and provides the users experience with the ability to open sites quickly, many important additions, such as Facebook and Twitter and Amazon and the ability to save the content that is browsed, allowing for the possibility of action plugins for the browser to developers and interested. You can download it here

8. Application of Maxthon Browser Cloud

There is no doubt that the Web version of this browser months its mobile version, but on Android is one of the best browsers, providing quick navigation and security, with the possibility to control the navigation methods and delete ads that appear on the sites, and control the size and quality of the text lines before, and it is available on a series of plugins that provide a lot of possibilities. You can download it here

9. Boat application Browser

A modern browsers that compete on the Android platform, and provide users with great potential and fast browsing, easy and in control of the application and background colors, and comes with the Favorites Manager that offers you to organize bookmarks into folders. You can download it here

10. Apply the Next Browser for Android

This browser provides quick navigation to the various sites and social networks, and at the same time lets you access your favorite sites and read the latest news easily, it also provides you with a high degree of security makes the access to the pages of mined is out of the question. You can download it here

Abstract of article:

Browsing on Smartphones and the Tablet operating system Android has become one of the most popular things in the world, and is important to users around the world, you can choose one of the above browsers to use, for me personally use many of them especially UC Browser which supports our Arabic directly along with the rest of the other browsers.

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