All new reports that the smart watches that will dominate the landscape in the coming months, it is known that the world is interested in both smartphones and the Tablet, which is one of the most important devices that each person must now acquire, whether for leisure or work and also with the use of communication, of course. But what makes the smart watches candidate to play a greater role in the future, is that it be in the wrist of each one of us has the ability to make calls and e-mail, and providing access to social networks and various health and entertainment applications.

And by 2013 there are many smart watches that interest by users, and has won the admiration of many, and here in this article we review the best exactly five hours smart during 2013

1. Pebble Watches

Still at Pebble smart is dominant, and are the most attractive for either users or even experts who describe it as an hour of productive process can be used to do work, she received a check from the business and so, the first thing you can’t miss at this hour is an attractive modern design kodoha, a very simple programming interface you can handle easily, simply and without problems. And have about 3000 application by statistical profile to Pebble, this app store without forgetting its ability to connect with Android and ayllus (clans) which have a formal application with the same name at Google play store and the Apple store. You can get the price of $ 150.

2. Sony Smartwatch clock 2 SW2 The second version of Sony’s smart is honestly the best smart watches that we have seen this year, in addition to coming to design attractive fit actually shows a person wearing a respected personality and staid, it’s hours with many good specs including a 1.6 inch size screen with display resolutions of up to 176 220 pixels and have many applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, Gmail and SmartWatch 2 Host Application with support for a lot of basic features Including calendar, weather and mail can send and receive SMS/MMS and telephone support. It also has a battery can provide at power for four days, and are compatible with all devices that run Android 4.0 and above, you can get them for $ 250.

3-Samsung Galaxy Gear Come alsalata first smart from Samsung, which comes with an attractive design but not as we expected, but what sets it apart is its arrival with camera 1.2 megapixel and feature support Smart Relay that move displays in real time the nut 3 by algalaxy. And come in six different colors you can choose from, including black, white and gray and orange add to yellow and golden color. It is suitable for sports fans coming to the MyFitnessPal plugin, and not forgetting of course that there are 70 built-in application with it, including Evernote, TripIt and ChatOn and Path and also Pocket and social networking applications such as Facebook and Google plus Twitter. If you think about it, you have to pay $ 299. 4. One WIMM Watches I’m sure that many of you already know this smart of attention in terms of design and even encountered code that combines simplicity and beauty, perhaps due to ignore media, and also may be caused by a lack of marketing. A smart clock running Android, and what sets it apart is its arrival screen size 1.41 inches Samsung ARM11 processor with a frequency of 667 GHz, RAM 256 MB, add the boiling internal size longed 2 GB of storage, with support for Wi-Fi and alblothot. Why not get the price of only $ 199? 5. Qualcomm Toq Watches Qualcomm US has recently released smart Qualcomm Toq then that come with designing a different, momir and her ability to compatibility with Android and iOS, and notable features that come with the Cortex M3 processor with a frequency of 200 MHz and support for Wireless charging. And come with a color code and interface screen capable of displaying photos and videos it well and comfortably, but the price tag is too high as up to $ 300 each



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