This happens to us all, the wonderful smart phone falls from your hand directly in water or any other liquid, but that some people jumped in the pool with the Smartphone. At this time, will be one of the first orders, you will be or become strained and will not be able to save your phone, either, it’s that could and do things that will be mentioned in the following article as soon as possible.

Fortunately if you are able to retrieve your phone quickly before it is kept in liquid for a long time, you will be able to do some things that will likely keep him out to you without needing to buy a new one. The following article will show some of the things that could have saved your Smartphone if you stop dropping it in the liquid.
Things which must be done by
Before delving into the various ways you can dry up your Smartphone, there are some things that must be carried out immediately. If your phone fell in the basin or touched water for a short period, the opportunities to save your phone would be much better if he fell into a deep pool. Anyway, you will have to do these things first:


1. make sure that your phone is completely closed.
Most phones become damaged when you damage the electrical circuit, and that, as a result the water touches the internal components that still works. Water and electricity are not running start together.

2. disconnect the battery from the phone if you have a phone you can do this.
Phones that cannot be separated from the back cover of the infrastructure such as mobile phones (iPhone), enough to shut it down, but, if you are able to access the battery and disconnect it from the device will be better.

3. remove the slide (SIM card) from the phone if you can.
If you have some important information on your SIM card, you will save this step your data, but, if so, take this for a long time (more than 5 seconds), fancy is the slide.

4. disconnect and remove all parts of your phone that can be separated and takes them off
And wait at least a day or two, and that, in order to make sure that there is only one water point before running it, or liquid can destroy your phone fully in the moment.

What if your sink in water?
If you swim in the ocean or sea with your Smartphone without intent or any other matter resulting in flooding your phone in any non-pure lotion (contains a proportion of salts and other substances), good initial steps mentioned just now, why?

The reason for this is that salts and other materials can be dried or vaporized like fresh water, even if it will remain large proportions of sediments and salt into your Smartphone, and it certainly will destroy him if you run. In this case, you can perform only: bamran

Note: the next solutions looks insane because they rely on dumping the phone but is already working on phones.

1. the best solution is to dump your phone in alcohol.
However, this must be the alcohol is Isopropyl “quality” or “Rubbing”, and that purity higher than 95%. Why use high-purity alcohol is that it evaporates in a few seconds, meaning that it can destroy your phone that would evaporate before doing so. This species is also used to remove thermal pastes that cooling the central processor computers.

Unfortunately, access to this quality of alcohol is very difficult, at least for individuals in Arabic Republic of Egypt, since several months I need personally to the type of alcohol with a purity of 90% or more to remove thermal PuTTY on my processor, and although I’ve search many pharmacies, except I couldn’t otherwise obtain alcohol with a purity of up to 75% of the largest pharmacies, And many of the doctors assured me that these types of alcohol is not sold in Egypt and is not even the largest hospitals, and thus, the purest types of alcohol here (with 75% purity) Used to disinfect wounds and for humanitarian uses, there’s no need to import most species purity from abroad “expression”.

Anyway you can find these types of alcohol and bought by American stores like easily and very cheaply.

2. the second way is to use distilled water.
Do this only if your phone falls in salt water or any other liquid can leave some sediment. It sounds insane, but as long as your phone is closed, the smitten basis, there is no problem try this solution as well.

Various drying methods

Of the most important things that you should not do is throw up “rocked” the phone. Many individuals believe that in this way the water will come out of all the slots available in the phone, but it’s not definitive, but that shake the phone helps to deliver water to areas that had been dry at the basis, it does not in any way shake your phone. Additionally, try placing your phone horizontally, and so, in order to prevent water from moving and head to the rest of the hardware components that can be dry and not have water at the beginning.

It is essential, Primal for drying your phone or save it temporarily:

1. non-jerk “shake”

2. do not place or vertically, the position must be horizontal.

A hair dryer

Things that should not be used for drying your hair dryers are different. Although most users think that this is the best idea for drying the phone as soon as possible, and that, because they believe that the hair dryer to dry the hair wet in a few seconds, where is the problem here?

The problem here is that the hair dryers you release hot air strong, and thus, lead to moisture penetration and move further and faster on the phone, which could burn some sensitive components, and for that, you must use dryers, fans, and all the other devices that provide large amounts of air with the highest diligence, and will speak about this in the next paragraph.

Fans & hair dryers

Using air to dry your phone is not blocked, you can do it without any worries, and that, as long as your phone is a good distance from the dryer, as well as the hottest air is routed to the phone. You can use a hair dryer as normal, but you should have air that is directed to your warm, not hot, and it should be the dimensions of the phone dried with a medium. As long as the warm air passing over the phone, no problem.

Electric cleaner

You can also use your electrical cleaner, of course you will need a few plugins that lets you “suction” air of all aspects of the phone, but would prefer to stay away from them if you don’t know what you’re doing, and here’s why:

1. electrical cleaners can cause static electricity, which will damage the electrical circuit for your phone.

2. hard to find plugins that will allow you to “suction” all liquids inside the phone.

When you use electrical cleaner, managed to drive a few phone during use. There are many detergents manufactured specifically for consoles, but you can use it without any problem with smart phone wet.

Non-cooked rice

Yes I have read correctly, although it is often used for food, but you can use rice to dry your phone. Place your phone in the “bowl” filled with rice-stewed, although this process slowed the process and take a long time, but the rice helps to pull moisture and absorbed from the phone.

You can use this method only if the small amount of water to your phone, so you cannot use this method when you enter a large amount, and thus, that process needs to be a very long time, which can destroy your phone.

The moisture absorption if a small amount of water to the phone can be up to 24 hours or more, while there are some individuals believe that the duration is less than this, but, if your Smartphone is expensive, I think it does not have any problem to wait three or four more hours.

Finally, you must use the bagged-rice stewed in a closed bag opening “, and so, rice was the air for weeks would not be able to absorb moisture for it already.

Some other ways
There are many other ways that you must avoid when drying your phone such as under direct sunlight and using the oven and the microwave. The Sun can be a good solution, but in only one case, and when you put a towel under the phone to prevent overheating which can deliver to the phone, it must terminate the process after 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

Some people tried to put your phone in the fridge, and although this method sometimes succeeded, but he prefers to use this method as a last solution available, and therefore, because overheating and excessive cooling are likely to damage most components of your phone.

There are some institutions & private laboratories where devices of ultrasound. What happens is that the phone is dismantled completely and put it on this machine, then, operate Ultrasound (which is very fast) to expel all point liquid inside the phone. You must keep in mind that these plants are not widespread, but some say they are in certain countries only.

Last but not least, if your phone does not work after all these things, the problem could be that the battery is damaged, and, accordingly, prefer to buy a new battery and try the phone again.