Which Sleeping Position is Correct??

HOW WE SLEEP AT CORRECT POSITION:Here am talking about how to we sleep in a correct position . Sleeping positions making your heath good or bad .We can know how to sleep and how to not sleep .The main thing is every processing is doing on sleeping time .One human should be want to sleep at minimum six hours.

The sleeping positions make chronic nekin back pain now days somany have the  same problems comes because of the only sleeping position . Here am telling to the natural problems of sleeping positions get you back pain .neck pain head pain and blood circulation become low


Here am try to share with you about how to sleep the correct position . Now we start to the sleeping positions one by one .

which types you dont do=1Dont sleep on your abdomen :that is long lying on your tumping .It is increase pain on your spainal code 2.Dont sleep on your arms :this cause its make your very difficult to blood circulation for the arm . 3 Dont crunch yourself out of the bed :here i want to real way to out of the bed .its will increase your dispration .

What types you can do :1.side lying position is the best one for spain  2.pillow on you knee and sleep at back this also a good position to sleep .In this position when you wake up from bed first you should be want to lying to side and wake up at easily .its the right way to sleep bed .  

Don”t use very high and hard pillows its also get you back pain because you body is not in straight position . So many peoples they give two pillows and hard or very softed bed will give their children its very danger .
Some peoples they have more problems in back neck and lets try to sleep at correct position and correct way you will get a good results